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Duo Desk LLC is a Louisiana company that owns the IP in activeLife Trainer™, LifeBalance Station™ and related patents. DuoDesk LLC was created to develop active motion seating devices so desk workers can be physically active while safely seated and get all their work done. Dr. Chris Leonhard founded Duo Desk LLC in 2009 and we have since collaborated with researchers, office furniture companies, electronic companies, and fitness equipment makers in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, and China in our quest to make this technology available to every desk worker.

Duo Desk LLC's president is Christoph Leonhard, Ph.D. ABPP who is also a Professor of Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University of Louisiana. He is board certified in behavioral psychology. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, he completed his internship and post doc at Harvard Medical School. As part of his work in behavioral medicine, since 2009 he has been researching, developing, and bringing to market active motion seating machines, including activeLife Trainer™ and LifeBalance Station™

LifeBalance Station in heelsLifeBalance Station™ - the Elliptical Machine Office Desk: Many of you may be familiar with our first active motion workstation, LifeBalance Station™. First developed in 2009, LifeBalance Station™ was the first seated active motion workstation and sold for ca. $ 3,000 to $ 8,000. It's currently no longer available, but if there's strong interest, we could always put it back in production again. Drop us a line, if LifeBalance Station™ is what you're interested in.