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activeLife Trainer™ (US Patents 8,485,945 & 9,301,618, additional international patents issued and pending) was developed by Dr. Chris Leonhard, to combat 'sitting disease', sedentariness to get office workers 'Active at WorkSM' to improve wellness and fitness.

What is Active Motion Sitting - and activeLife Trainer™?

  • Spend too much time sitting still at work ... and at home?
  • Don't have enough time to exercise ... or even go for walks?

Active Motion Sitting will get you ... Active at Work℠!

Now adults and kids can get healthy, low intensity exercise every time you sit at work ... and at play! So whether you have a demanding boss or like to play video games, activeLife Trainer's gentle leg motion can help you get ... and stay shape!

How can this be possible? With Active Motion Sitting, you gently move your legs while you work - for that you'll need an Active Motion Sitting machine - the patented activeLife Trainer™which fits perfectly under your existing desk or table and securely connects to your favorite chair. This allows for easy, gentle physical activity WHILE getting all your work done ... or while having fun online or watching TV.

But does it work?  Independent studies from Europe and the US have proven this really works by more than doubling the calories your burn without interfering with the fine motor coordination and concentration you need to get your work done.

activeLife Trainer™ is iPhone and Android Compatible!

activeLife Trainer™ works with many sports and exercise apps, such as Cateye Cycling Wahoo Fitness, Strava, Nike+, and others, activeLife Trainer's Smart Sensor talks to your Bluetooth 4.1 capable device, including iPad (3d gen or later), iPhone (4S or later), or Android (4.3 or later), allowing you to track your workouts and then share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Whether you compare to ergonomic chairs (do you really want to feel better about doing something that"s bad for you — sitting still) or compare to Cubii, treadmill desks (can you really keep walking long enough and get your work done?), Active Motion Sitting with activeLife Trainer™ is hard to beat with its unique light intensity exercise. activeLife Trainer™ ~ Active at Work℠