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Compare activeLife TrainerTM, other elliptical under-desk machines, and treadmill desks, which aim to improve office wellness, get you moving at work, and combat 'sitting disease'.


activeLife Trainer™

Other mini ellipticals (Stamina, Cubii, etc.)

Mini Pedaling Machines

Treadmill Desks

Get all your office work done while exercising


No, you’ll push the machine away from the chair and vice versa within about 15 minutes of use

No, you'll hit the underside of the table with your knees and won't use it

Not likely - unless you can walk all day long.

Exercise while comfortably seated on your favorite chair


No, because office chair can’t be attached to machine, both will move away from each other

No, if you try to use it, you'll push your chair away from your desk

No, you have to stand and walk

Keeps your upper body still for typing, reading, & mousing


Yes – for about 15 minutes until your use forces machine and chair apart

N/A since you can't really use it

No, upper body moves with every step you take.

Safe, self-powered exercise machine. Stops when you do.




No, treadmill is driven by an electric motor, user has to wear a safety strap. Be sure you never make a wrong step. Don't slip and fall!

Joint-friendly elliptical leg motion

Yes, extended pedal lever ensures shallow angle of foot deflection at the ankle

No, pedals attach directly to the crank leading to overly steep foot deflection angles at the ankle



Exercise intensity has a wide range of adjustment




No, because you can only walk so fast and still try to get work done

Work out Data transmitted to your Bluetooth 4.1 compatible smart phone or tablet (iPhone / Android)  or fitness armband so you can track and share including on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


None allow free use off any exercise app – Original Cubii has proprietary transmission system only



Fully compatible with the chair and desk you already have


No, machine can’t be connected with any chairs and therefore you’ll push it away when using it.


No, you'll need to find space for an additional large appliance your cubicle, office, or home

Price including delivery

$ 269

$ 80 - $ 300

$ 50 - $ 500

$ 1,000 - $ 4,500

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